Textbooks for Free!

Free Sound, a source of open source sound effects (for video, audio, etc). Unclear how big this library currently is.

Anna Weinberg writes about college bookstore prices

a new study conducted by the Government Accountability Office… released today reveals that the average college student spends nearly $900 a year on textbooks and supplies, and that textbook prices have increased approximately 186 percent since 1986well outpacing inflation, which has consumer prices increasing only 72 percent.

Curiously, a lot of computer & engineering topics have open source textbooks, but very little in business/humanities. (See Wikibooks esp. the Python Textbook.

See also Techbooksforfree.

See also: Connexions Course Modules at Rice. U. (I already met the guys that run this website!).

For syllabi/exercises, see UT’s world lecture hall and the OpenCourseware directory. Also, within opencourseware, I noticed that some courses have video and some of the World Lecture courses also have video. Of course, I’m the type who enjoys watching the community college distance learning classes on the local PBS affiliate.