Violet Hunt Part 2

More things found about Violet Hunt:

Nancy Smith discusses the section on Violet Hunt in Deborah Martinson’s book ” In the Presence of Audience: The Self in Diaries and Fiction”

When she was in her forties, she hooked up with Ford, an up-and-coming writer in his early 30s. He was already married, but separated, not divorced. In 1912, the two lovers fled to Germany, Fords homeland (his given name was Joseph Leopold). They were married and hoped to get the marriage blessed by the German government. To that end, Hunt wrote a diary of their honeymoon travels that was supposed to charm both the German and English audiences. It was published soon after their return with Ford listed as the co-author. (Too bad this book, Desirable Alien, is out of print. I especially wanted to read the section called Bones, Babies, and Anabaptists. Hunt did her best to sound like a young, pliant almost ingnue as she wove in German fables and history with her account travel account.

John Pelan made a limited edition version of Violet Hunt’s book, “Tales of the Uneasy.” Impossibly hard to locate.

A idiosyncratic compare and contrast of one of Hunt’s stories.

Her private papers are stored at Cornell University. Curiously, I have a good friend now at Cornell. It might be a good year to visit him.

One of her stories: The Prayer (PDF).

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