Colors of Feminine Hygiene

Some quick notes: BargainPDA review of Dell Axim x51v and (more importantly) a review of Windows Mobile 5.0.

Teleread preview look at a Chinese ebookreader. In other news, slashdot covers China’s censorship policies. DigitalVomit comments:

Democracy or porn? And which will be more difficult to filter out? I would say democracy. People (both in the East and the West) at least know what porn looks like.

Michael Blowhard on the various colors used to sell feminine hygeine products. .

There it is — the chef d’oeuvre of current female crotch-product ads. This Playtex ad has it all: the bikini; the active, feeling-good-about-herself, nothing-stops-me-from-enjoying-myself (not even sitting in water), flawless young woman; swoopy lines and shapes suggesting the classic women/water association as well as “good times” more generally; and tons and tons of blue. Everything about this ad says, “Hey, world! I’m not weighed down or held back by my biology!”

To tell the truth, I’m still catching up from yesterday’s links. And Bloglines, gosh, help!