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Literary Product Placements

Scott Esposito on literary product placements in modern sitcoms. So, there’s a reason why John Updike’s Rabbit novels were always mentioning Toyota….

Another list of best literary works of the previous century. Some nice surprises: ..The Time of the Doves (La Plaça del Diamant) – Mercé Rodoreda, Spain, Voss – Patrick White, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands (Grande sertão: veredas)– João Guimarães Rosa, Brazil, The Turning Point (I strofí) – Giorgios Seferiades, Greece, .Red Sorghum (Hung kao liang) – Mo Yan, China, .The Conservationist – Nadine Gordimer, South Africa, ..The Lost Steps (Los pasos perdidos) – Alejo Carpentier, Cuba.“The Day Before Yesterday” (‘Tmol shilshom) – S. Y. Agnon (Spain/Israel), …A House for Mr. Biswas – V. S. Naipaul, Trinidad, House Made of Dawn – N. Scott Momaday, . I’m pleasantly surprised to see Cairo Trilogy, Narayan’s Guide and disappointed to see the overrated Golden Notebooks by doris lessing.