Podcast Alley & Advice that will Save Your Hearing

I’m sure podcasting is expanding exponentially, but at the moment podcast alley has a good index of podcasts. For those wanting to publicize their podcasts, this is an excellent place to start.

I noticed soccergirl (nsfw), This Week in Technology, KCRW’s Bookworm, Boundcast, python411, Sam and Jim Go to Hollywood, Mamo, Screenwriters’ Podcast, Cinecast Show, FilmmakerCentral, Educause , MediaArtist Secrets
(Note: I mixed the actual RSS feeds with their websites. Unfortunately, it seems that the home pages for these podcasts don’t always make it obvious where their feeds are (or they are using feedburner). As a last resort, check podcastalley, which is agonizingly slow). Updated: WritingShow, Librivox (Public Domain Readings)

I haven’t actually listened to any of these feeds, but their descriptions sound interesting and relevant to this weblog. Will update later. Pointing out the Obvious: This is a great distribution channel for people to put out their serial novels on the web. Gosh, I see that ourmedia has finally put rss feeds for contributors. Here’s the podcast feeds for Sadi, a poet-friend. This could make ourmedia useful indeed.

I’m going to give a very important podlistening tip from the AngryFilmmaker Kelly Baker. Don’t wear any earplugs that go inside your ears.!They will ruin your hearing!!! Kelly Baker has done sound design for many Hollywood films (i.e., almost all of Gus Van Sant’s films), and wears headphones all the time. Yes, headphones that fit over your ears look less cool than ipod’s, but they’re safer and protect your hearing better.

BTW, I’ve been using RSS Radio with success. The free version only allows 5 feeds, and registration costs $15 (which I went ahead and did).