Secret Thrills: A List

A secret thrill of mine: browsing through saved RSS feeds of other bloggers on bloglines.

Another secret thrill: My miniature reviews of books and my miniature reviews of films

Another secret thrill: browsing through interesting flickr photos (also browing through people’s flickr bookmarks is fun; see mine. See also: this great photo pool of #1 Interesting Flickr photos.

Another thrill: going to and browsing through recent reviews of favorite reviews.

Another thrill: reading movie reviews of awful movies: Roger Ebert’s Least Favorite Films and people’s rants about bad films such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Deuce Bigelow’s European Vacation, Princess Diaries.

Another secret thrill: browsing through, bookmarking several without the slightest intent of contacting them.

Another great thrill: googling elementary school classmates. And secret crushes of mine from middle school and college. (It so happens that because of the name change, the only ones who are googlable either are cranky old maids or ardent old feminists. (Yes, with my 40th birthday soon approaching, I will start donning the old fart moniker).