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That’s Barbaric, Jim

Dana Gardner on how MS will make RSS discovery a central part of its new OS.

According to Microsoft, in IE 7, expect powerful auto discovery of feeds, with a graphical, orderly and indexed view of the feeds available and/or in use as subscriptions. Businesses will be quickly able to use RSS to link their cross-organizational activities first for informational purposes, but quickly elevating, I forecast, to process-level and potentially workflow efficiencies. There will be RSS feeds in tools, in business apps, within the platform, and as an adjunct to the Windows Communications Foundation. Expect its use across media types. RSS will also pick up where OLE left off long ago when it comes to parlaying information in automated and sequential distribution among and between XML-rich Office applications.

Dwight Silverman comments:

Indeed, for RSS to reach its full potential it needs to be not just pervasive but invisible to the user. Right now, to capture an RSS feed in Windows, most users must copy the URL for a feed and paste it manually into a reader. As Bones McCoy used to say on Star Trek, “That’s barbaric, Jim!”

43 Folders on Building a Smarter To-Do List:

Cringe-bust your to-Do List

Ever notice how some items seem permanently stuck on your to-do list? Days, weeks, seasons may fly by and the same three or four hoary old tasks stare back at you, stroking their beards and cackling. Chances are you’ve stopped mentally processing these to-dos as tasks in the world and now just let your eyes fly past them so as to minimize the guilt, pain, and cringing that they cause you.

You can cringe-bust your to-do list by printing out a complete set of current tasks–preferably in alphabetical rather than priority or project order. Run through the list quickly, placing a check mark next to any item that causes you the slightest anxiety or concern. The idea is to root out the items that you dread doing.

On your second pass-through of the list, make a note on a separate piece of paper highlighting why you’ve been avoiding each task. Is it fear of failure? Boredom? Garden-variety anxiety about the outcome? Whatever your reason–and do be honest with yourself–generate a new to-do for each item that addresses the cringe rather than the actual to-do that’s causing it.