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Voice of Piglet and MSM

Dave Taylor explains how to estimate the cost of getting the top ad on google adsense.

Mr. Sun lists all the Gilligan’s Island episodes

Speaking of celebrity deaths, Jason Kottke writes about the glut of celebrity deaths:

Chances are in 15-20 years, someone famous whose work you enjoyed or whom you admired or who had a huge influence on who you are as a person will die each day…and probably even more than one a day. And that’s just you…many other famous people will have died that day who mean something to other people. Will we all just be in a constant state of mourning? Will the NY Times national obituary section swell to 30 pages a day? As members of the human species, we’re used to dealing with the death of people we “know” in amounts in the low hundreds over the course of a lifetime. With higher life expectancies and the increased number of people known to each of us (particularly in the hypernetworked part of the world), how are we going to handle it when several thousand people we know die over the course of our lifetime?

Sadi and I were talking via telephone about promoting our creative endeavors, and I noticed on cnn.com that the “voice of Piglet” had died, meriting a CNN headline. Here we were were, both relatively accomplished writers and commiserating one another in the fact that nothing we could ever do would result in as much mainstream media coverage as the death of the Voice of Piglet. (Update: apparently John Fieldler had a somewhat illustrious career; I shouldn’t pigeonhole him too much).

BitchPhd has an awkward moment with a fratboy.