Ebooks vs. Simple HTML for PDAs

The most interesting/useful content on my Axim PDA is not ebooks but my recipe collection. And basically I just save the files AS IS from my web browser. That is a bitch; lots of websites generate their pages dynamically so it is cumbersome (if not impossible) to download them offline.

I like ebooks, but there are a lot of times it’s just easier to save some html pages onto my PDA. That got me thinking: how do PDA’s handle images? And how do you make stylesheets for PDA’s?

Elika Etemad has an article about the basics.. Here’s a thread with some other links. Here’s a css wiki post about it.

This raises a deeper question. If content on a PDA is downloaded/collected/converted by the user (and not the publisher or ebook site), won’t the future standard be just simple HTML?



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