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HTML talk about Plone/Wikis

Now, if only there were mp3s.

Listingpages, a plone product to create custom listing pages in your Plone site.

How to Design Programs , MIT college textbook about programming Scheme (teaching basic algorithms in the process).

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I never knew OPML was the format for importing/exporting RSS Feeds. NowI know.

Night of the Living Dead and it social impact (by Nebbish):

There has always been an element of comedy in horror films – laughing is a natural response to terror as spectacle, to the communal jump-out-of-your seats in the cinema, and to rubbish special effects. What Romero did was merge humour with the social commentary of early horror literature like Frankenstein and The Invisible Man, and bring satirical comedy to the genre. Dawn of the Dead is a biting satire of consumerist society.

The characters’ free-reign of the mall has them trying on expensive clothes and parading in jewellery, before realising it is all useless and belatedly stocking up on guns and supplies in panic. As the zombies descend on the mall, riding escalators and pressing their noses against store windows, they accidentally turn on a speaker system and lurch around to gentle muzak. When one of the characters explains the undead must have come to the mall out of “some sort of instinct”, the satire is complete. Not to forget that Dawn of the Dead is a horror film – a TV evangelist intoning “When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth” is one of the most chilling lines in cinema.

In case you don’t already know, Night of the Living Dead is not only a great (and socially relevant film), it also is in the public domain.

If Andrei Codrescu made films