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Contradictions & Bucking Projects

Dr. Caligari as a radio play? What will people dream of next? Portnoy’s Complaint as told by puppets?

One show I’ve been flipping over recently has been How I Met Your Mother. Clever sitcom with the typical fall-in-love subplots, with lots of backnarrating and surprises. Plus, the sidekick has a blog (which he mentions in the show! He says, “Hey, maybe I should blog about that!).

Michael Blowhard on nonlinear storytelling..and why he sometimes doesn’t get into it.

Olen Steinhauer on great art and provocative art and the insecurity of genre writers. Dan Green disagrees.
Hmm, didn’t Hapax already answer that question?

What to do tonight: Finish an essay or two (take my pick)? Try to install a wireless card on my webserver? Read some fiction (for a change)? Call a friend? Learn some more gimp stuff? It’s the kind of day where you feel like doing so much and end up doing so little.

Something occurred to me; the key is never: should I write tonight? but what of the multitude of writing projects should I try to write about tonight? (recognizing the finite amount of time that exists in my life).