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Local Solutions, Local News

Some local stuff: Green Houston Connection, an advocacy group for environmental solutions (Run by storyteller Brian Herod). They organize a greendrinks social hour monthly and hope to compile a list of green businesses in Houston.

Update: Brian is an active storyteller in the Houston area (and participant in the Frayday event I organized a few years ago). In the past he posted stories occasionally to a weblog, called With a Story to tell . At fray he told a hilarious story called, The Camel You Rode on (the link is broken, but it’s the Sept 21, 2003 post).

This week in Houston, a podcast journalist who reports on local issues. (They even are accepting submissions). Looks like these podcasts appear on the Houston Metroblogging site.

Katie Sunstrom and Kevin Lawver run a site, Ibuylocal, which mentions strategies for using local resources.