Month: November 2005

  • 48 Million in 10 Months

    China adds new 48 million cellphone users in the last 10 months!

  • American films vs. European films

    George Lucas on film budgets: “The average [Hollywood budget] is something like $60 million, [but] the average cost of making a movie in Europe is $3.5 million. That’s the way things are really competing. I think the American film industry is going to become like the rest of the world — and people won’t get…

  • Color Scheme Tool

    Great color scheme tool

  • Movie Hunger

    I’ve been on a deadline at work, so I haven’t been blogging much, but I’ve been thinking about a lot of things (and even writing a few random things). How musicians play the Big Music Companies A veblen good, what is it? Keith Bradsher on trade with China: The United States is buying $6 worth…

  • You Can Ignore This

    Here’s my bookmarks for Houston Apartments: Craig’s List apartment directory Apartment Ratings: What I’m looking for an apartment: MUST HAVE: gigantic swimming pool, fitness center Many Outlets in Computer room, Place to Store Bike, 620-700 sq feet, Adequate Laundry Facilities, Book Storage Space, Nice to Have: Built-in Bookshelves/ Book Storage Space, Good TV room,…

  • Textbook Revolution

    TextbookRevolution is a catalog of online textbooks. Actually I probably should combine all my various free textbook links into a single page. Will do so later.

  • 17 Myths about Graham

    A constitutional lobbying group debunks 17 myths about the Graham Amendment.

  • Why Senators are Misunderstanding the Issue

    Katherine Regina of Obsidian Wings comments on oversight and torture: Graham’s bill says that the regulations the DoD writes for proceedings at Guantanamo must prevent the use of evidence that a prisoner can prove by a preponderance was produced through “undue coercion.” But the DoD will always argue that a prisoner who alleges that his…

  • The Futility of Torture

    From a M. GREGG BLOCHE and JONATHAN H. MARKS op-ed piece on Torture: Yet the Pentagon cannot point to any intelligence gains resulting from the techniques that have so arnished America’s image. That’s because the techniques designed by communist interrogators were created to control a prisoner’s will rather than to extract useful intelligence.

  • Openoffice Videos

    Openoffice how-to Videos. Actually more important than the substance of this presentation is the fact it was produced using Macromedia’s Captivate, a tool I’ll be mastering very soon. Update: Maybe it’s shockwave.

  • Blogging Network: Pro’s and Cons

    Pro’s and Con’s of Joining a Blogging Network. Here’s a big Con: There could be situations where a blog network has a blog that is doing very well so the blog network decides to branch out and launch another blog on the same subject. Or they hire additional bloggers for this particular blog. In both…

  • Weblogs and the Corporation

    Dwight Silverman asks how blogs can be used for business. Blogs are more than press releases. Nobody will read or link to posts that are rah-rah for products. Without harping too much on criticism, a blog that at least acknowledges criticism and negative feedback might have a better chance of gaining a following over the…

  • Daytime Slumber

    This morning I turned on the television and saw a partially undressed woman lying down underwater. She is thinking, contemplating, whispering. We see a man glancing softly at her, all very quiet. Suddenly the woman pounces up, and another standing woman fires a gun at the first woman (who is now revealed to be in…

  • Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost, Poet without Poetry

    Here’s another article on the Afgani poet put in Gitmo. Excellent article by By N.C. Aizenmann! See also my previous posts about the poet brothers here and here.

  • Pycon 2005 Audio

    Pycon 2005 Audio Talks for download. Wow!

  • In Praise of Intelligent Women

    Elise Kramer deconstructs a misleading statistic by Maureen Dowd that asserts: A 2005 report by researchers at four British universities indicated that a high I.Q. hampers a womans chance to marry, while it is a plus for men. The prospect for marriage increased by 35 percent for guys for each 16-point increase in I.Q.; for…