How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs (Part 2)

Australian blogger Darren Rowse on how bloggers make money from weblogs. Good discussion on online advertising. BTW, if you want a surefire method to attract web traffic, title your post, “How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs”.

Here’s his take on copyright and partial RSS feeds. Now I understand. Partial feeds prevent other websites from lifting your content en masse. Actually, for my purposes, Erik Marcus already provided the solution: better labeling! (see my post where I steal the best two paragraphs from him)

BTW, my browser crash, and now I can’t find the article referenced above. Rowse/Problogging is doing a lot of clever and innovative things here, but the pages are too cluttered to really enjoy them. Everything looks like an advertisement, and I am afraid to click on anything.

See also: B5media, a similar concept and performancing. Thank god Metaxucafe (the literary equivalent) is doing things in a much more substantive and less commercial way.

Alas, the rise of Blogging Empires, as Wynia predicted (as did Dave Weinberger in Small Pieces Loosely joined) Highlights: How to Write Timeless (Not Timely) Content. To see how timeless my content is, check my earlier posts such as this and this?

J. Wynia on finding creative commons images for your content.