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Incompetent Designers, Incompetent Florists

Maggie Wittlin, in an interview with scientist Don Wise on Incompetent Design:

If you were to redesign things, how would you make design intelligent?
Well, for one thing I would put fewer teeth in our mouths. I would put fewer bones in our face, so that it could drain properly. I would straighten up the pelvis so we wouldn’t have to have that bend. I would certainly take out the appendix so we don’t have that problem and the tonsils, too.
And I did have one other. Some guy from Texas listed a number of things with this and he said, “Actually I would write more, but I have to go pee in Morse code, because some idiot designed my aging prostate.”
Intelligent designers and, in fact, everybody from the creationists and so on back to the beginning of the last century used to talk about the wonderful design of the eyewhich somehow has all your receptor cells behind a membrane curtain!
I mean, evolutionarily all of these things make sense but in terms of a reasonable, intelligent design? They’re idiocy. So, the argument is there is no intelligence there in a lot of these things

Cameron Barrett exposes the scammy unethical nature of UrbanFlorist.com. In this case the facts seem to justify his accusation, but what if instead of being dishonest, the firm were simply incompetent? BTW, I use resellerrating.com