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Mistakes Pay Dividends

The case for holiday cartoon specials

5 Top Spiritual Films. I’ve seen them all except for Ordet and The Son. My top 5 would be: Decalogue, Rapture, Persona, Solaris, Diary of a Country Priest.

Molly Steenson on pulling a geographic. Great design, Molly and Derek! (I really need to spend more time surfing through that).

From Derek’s now dormant storyblog I find out that Lance Anderson is doing a podcast. Update Well, mistakes pay dividends. I was confusing Lance Anderson with Lance Arthur, another distinguished storyteller/writer. So now I have two writers to keep up with.

Patry Francis goes undercover as a food server and discovers that the best people in the world are..(drumroll please!) firemen.

Bud Parr and company launch metaxucafe.com , a literary blogging/syndication site. Key Features: Tag Clouds, Built in Forums, Reposting of blog posts from elsewhere. Good concept and execution. The coolest thing about it is the sitemap listing members by subject and geographical region. Here’s an about page, and member posts are syndicated on the front page. Hey, that guy stole my playbook! (a little). It’s run on Expression Engine/pmachine. Update: Apparently the membership signup page doesn’t work! Shucks! Oh, well, I didn’t want to join anyway.