Ok, Flag-Burning Ain’t So Bad

Why Supporting Flag-burning is actually a good idea for the democratic party:

You should encourage Democrats to pass it. Here’s why:

  1. Get it off the table, since the only point of the amendment is to put Democrats in an awkward position over an almost purely symbolic issue.
  2. Who does this affect? A couple of jackassess who think burning flags is a groovy way to protest. Screw’em. They should get a life. Draw a sign, for God’s sake.
  3. Let conservatives expend money and manpower getting this thing passed all across the country. It’ll take years.
  4. Watch them look stupid as years of silly litigation unfolds, with courts trying to settle the obvious questions raised by such an amendment – if you burn a teeshirt with a flag on it, are you burning the flag? How about accidental flag desecration? Etc. They’ll look stupid in the end.

On a related note, is anyone also in awe of Tapped’s ability to deliver content? The thought I can regularly get articles from Robert Reich, Matt Yglesius and company boggles the mind.