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Overprousting the World

Tom Tomorrow on the overuse of Proust references in mainstream journalism.

Greg Saunders laughs at Bill Oreilly:

While its funny occasionally, the faux-Freudian slip shtick gets old really, really fast. Its bad enough that Bill and his staff of writers arent clever enough to write two different jokes, but the fact that he told the exact same slip of the tongue joke on the same day is simply pathetic. For that, Bill, I award you the Dennis Miller Memorial I Dont Want To Get Off On A Rant Here award for fraudulent spontaneity. You can put it on the mantle next to your Peabody award.

Whats funnier than OReillys unfortunate attempts at humor, however, is that OReilly is targeting Jon Stewart. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Bill, but Jon Stewart is a Jew and Jews dont celebrate Christmas. When youve sunk to the point that youre attacking non-Christians for not celebrating Christian holidays, your witchhunt has completely jumped the shark. I say you hang this one up and prepare for your next crusade. Heres a suggestion : Did you know that those anti-American bastards in Canada dont even celebrate the Fourth of July?! If we can stretch that one between May and July sweeps weeks, then were good as gold.