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Things I regularly lose

For the millionth time, I have lost my VCR remote control. Darn!

Other things I frequently misplace:

  1. DVD remote control. Of course, it is only there when I am looking for my VCR remote control, and vice versa.
  2. keys
  3. Scissors.
  4. Anything that is a bill due in 2 days.
  5. Hairbrush. I own 3, and it’s rare when I know the location of even one.
  6. Any library book that was due yesterday.
  7. Keys (actually I’m gotten pretty good about that).
  8. Battery rechargers/adaptors. I own more than a dozen of these things, and I’m always getting confused about what belongs to what.
  9. cellphone (a belt clip has helped a lot).
  10. dental floss (I own at least 10 containers full), and still I have to go on a wild safari hunt to find one.
  11. videotapes. Whenever I record from TV, I get backlogged and end up forgetting which tape had which show.
  12. Address labels. These save me 5 extra seconds of writing, but if it takes 2 minutes to search for them, what have I gained? (I also lose envelopes and stamps).

Update: I found my VCR remote control but then lost my DVD remote control. Is there no justice in this world?