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Best Cheney Jokes

Cheney hunting Jokes:

I’m waiting for the best jokes about Cheney’s hunting ability:


“I believed I had credible intelligence that al-Zawahiri had infiltrated my hunting party in disguise with the intent of spraying me with pellets,” Mr. Cheney told reporters. “Only after I shot Harry in the face and he shouted ‘Cheney, you bastard’ did I realize that this intelligence was faulty.”

Tom Tomorrow: The Bush Administration will evermore be known as “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

I can’t wait until the Evening Talk shows.

“Dick Cheney is currently vacationing in Wyoming this week. I understand today he shot an elk. He also shot two Shriners, a Jaycee and a Moose.” –Jay Leno

Dick Cheney said he felt terrible about shooting a 78-year-old man, but on the bright side, it did give him a great idea about how to fix Social Security.” –Bill Maher

“Hillary Clinton blasted the vice president today for failing to disclose all the facts. She wants Dick Cheney to give exact details. You know like, “How do you shoot someone and make it look like an accident?” –Jay Leno

“Today,  President Bush says he is standing behind the vice president. Way behind him.”  –Jay Leno

“I’m surprised Dick Cheney loves to hunt so much. The five times the government tried to give him a gun, he got a deferment.” –Jay Leno

“The guy Cheney shot is a Texas lawyer. While he was lying there on the ground he actually handed himself his own business card.” –Jay Leno

“Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man during a quail hunt … making 78-year-old Harry Whittington the first person shot by a sitting veep since Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton, of course, (was) shot in a duel with Aaron Burr over issues of honor, integrity and political maneuvering. Whittington? Mistaken for a bird.” –Jon Stewart