Mechanics of Sex in Second Life

This is definitely NOT safe for work (there’s graphic images), but here’s an essay about how to program your avatar to have sex in various video games:

First, some terminology. In Second Life, your character can be put into “poses”. Basically, this is an animation created in Poser or some other movement/animation program. You create the animation, loop it, and upload it to Second Life. These poses can be attached to what are known as Pose Balls. By having your character touch a pose ball (basically, clicking on it), you character will being using the animation that was contained in the pose ball. This is how sex is played out visually in Second Life. You touch one pose ball, your partner touches the other, and all of the sudden one is banging the other. Don’t you wish it was that easy in real life?

Now, you’ve got to remember, when I said you could do anything in Second Life, I meant ANYTHING. This game has some of the weirdest BDSM equipment I’ve ever seen, much of which really wouldn’t work in real life. Putting a stompy industrial boy in all of it is just hours of stupid, giggly fun.

Animations will run you somewhere between 200L$ and 500L$ ($.50-2US), sometimes upwards of 1000L$ (~$4US) depending on how drawn out they are. As with all aspects of the world, your body is scriptable. That’s right, you can program your nuts. They can do a happy little nut dance. There’s also erections and pumping and all that, but I’m totally fixated on the happy little nut dance idea now. There goes another 2 weeks of my life.

Animations can be speed controlled by writing a script that binds animations to buttons, and hitting those buttons to change what animation is displaying. This is how sex progresses.

From Eyder Peralta’s post about SXSW.