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Firefox: 576,000 KB of RAM

Holy cow–my Firefox is using 576,000 KB of RAM! Luckily my computer can handle it, but you really start to wonder what Firefox is doing; why haven’t they plugged all their memory leaks (especially the ones involving their extensions)?  It’s starting to become unbearable. (J Wynia recommends Process Tamer, which I’ll look into).

I often keep dozens of windows open (or rather: I take a long time before I close windows). Just before I shut them down, I had about 20 tabs open about FC 5 forum threads on wifi. Sometimes I just open something, and don’t actually read it but keep it open for reference’s sake. Thank god for delicious, I say. Sometimes I just save a bookmark to delicious, so I can close the damn tab, but for arts/social science links, I rarely use delicious.

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