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Grooving with Ugress:

I just discovered that Ugress, a pop/electronica musician who did an amazing remix of one of my fave dancing songs Swing e Sesso (I dare you to listen to this without snapping your fingers!) has a lot more mp3s on their website. Now, if only there were a feed reader for band’s latest mp3s. Oops, I forgot, musicians still believe they can sell mp3s and make a lot of money.

Speaking of which, from Oddio Overplay I am listening to strange “shopping music” and in other news, Oddio Katya is writing a weblog of strange/free/shareable music. Katya made some incredible playlists on webjay.org, (she even turned me on to Ugress and worked at comfortstand music label), but I am excited to figure out where she’s sharing her music these days. Egad, she’s been running this weblog for almost 2 years! I am so out of it.

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