Guilt about not blogging

For the record, I have been constructive these last few weeks and not blogging (I wonder–could there be a causal relationship?) I’ll summarize the things I’ve been working at/learning:

  • I’ve been preparing to set up a home recording studio. My AKG Perception 200 Large-Diaphragm Condenser should be arriving by Fed Ex today.
  • I’ve been listening to storytelling podcasts (more later).
  • I’m in the process of installing Fedora Core 5 on my Thinkpad laptop. By the way, I am 100% satisfied with Thinkpad and the user community (which appears to be Linux-friendly).
  • Speaking of FC5, here are some installation tips & tricks and the official install guide and Stanley Fisher’s install notes. Also check out Eric Raymond’s rant about why linux distributions should bite the bullet and pay for “forbidden features” like mp3 codecs/libaries.
  • I’ve been writing a longish short story. It’s almost finished.
  • I finally allowed myself to have a one month subscription to Blockbuster. I’ll give my report on the vids I watch in the usual place.
  • I recently configured my wireless router and set up torrents using Azureus. I’ve learned two things: my USB wifi adaptor doesn’t support WPA (and WEP is even flimsier protection than I remembered) and that Azureus has some issues completing its downloads .
  • I’ve bought some classic video games and can’t wait to start playing them. I’m going with Baldur’s Gate, Deus Ex and Flamescape Torment.
  • I like Gimp, but why do such basic features have to be so cumbersome? Here’s a tutorial about fixing redeye.
  • I’ve been organizing my apartment. It has proven to be quite a task. First, I have tons of junk, and I tend to be a collector rather than a thrower away. Still, I haven’t made much progress on it. Two months into my apartment, I have yet to finish completely unpacking my books. Literary people realize that packing/placing/organizing your p-books is often a time-consuming and challenging task because it essentially sets your reading agenda for the next year. (Here’s a Dave Weinberger thread on various methods of organizing books.)