SBC is now AT&T—Duh!!!

I don’t normally get paranoid, but is anyone else wierded out by the excessive number of TV commercials by AT&T?

All these commercials have simply one message: SBC is now AT&T. SBC is now AT&T. Well, duh! But the onslaught continues; I’ve received several pieces of junk mail saying essentially the same  thing.

What is going on here? Some might say it is just rebranding, but the media buys in the Houston market have just kept on coming with no end in sight. But I share the Burnie Burns “death star” attitude toward AT&T . Could it be all these media buys are attempts to curry favor with news outlets so as to squash negative reporting? If a major network did some investigative pieces about what AT&T is all about, AT&T could remove their ad buys in a second.