Vids: Worksafe and Not Worksafe

2 odd Not safe for work videos:

How to make love to a woman (parody animation by Bill Plympton).

Scrubs Hardcore, a bizzare clothing advertisement (on Huffington Post!) which seems more like a hardcore sex video. You have to admire its style. The vid was created by a legitimate advertising agency. I have to wonder how effective it is!

Greta Christina writes a visual defense of porn by a writer. (intellectual, though NSFW).

Strange music video by Basement Jaxx, Plug It In. Somewhat worksafe, though strange. Speaking of Basement Jaxx, here’s their great Bollywood parody, Romeo. Okay, while talking about Bollywood, why not mention one of my alltime fave music dance vids taking place entirely on a moving train. Chaiya Chiya. (I still dream about that woman’s emergence in the tunnel of darkness)

More Youtube finds: Andy Kaufman video introduction , Mighty Mouse and an intimate behind-the-scenes portrait of Andy Kaufman. The last vid was particularly compelling to me because it comes as close as you going to get to showing the real Andy.

Snakes post-script: Richard Roeper has the best lowdown review of the movie:

Plus the snakes. They come in all sizes, they hiss at great volumes, they have cartoonishly expressive faces – and we occasionally see things from their point of view as they stalk their prey. Who knew that snakes had nearly 20/20 vision, only it’s all green-tinted, like the night vision used by Paris Hilton and her creepy boyfriend in her infamous sex video?

Scott Adams (ie., the Dilbert guy) on sadistic mumbling in movies.



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