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Not Sure What to Say

Having gone on a 2 week blog vacation, I am unsure how to begin blogging again. A few random thoughts:

  • With bittorrent on, my download speed just crashes. I can barely surf the web. That’s the disadvantage of having DSL grade service I guess.
  • Yesterday I bought a handheld pump for an exercise ball. The pump cost $9, shipping cost $7. Ridiculous.
  • Following Bram Cohen’s suggestions, I shopped around for a credit card that allows free balance transfers. I ended up going with Discover’s Miles Card which was interest free and imposed no fees on balance transfers.
  • I watch syndicated comedies late at night, most recently Sex and the City and Will & Grace. For SATC, the camera work alone justifies the time to watch it. (I recall one Toilet Stall pan, where the camera floats over several different stalls while women converse about some chick topic; gosh, who would have ever thought of that?) Will & Grace illustrates that sitcoms never need to be anything more than caricatures.
  • I finished a terrific book, Restless Nights by Dino Buzzati. Best I’ve read in years.
  • Speaking of finding hard-to-find books, I’ve started searching through World Cat instead of my city library. World Cat lets you know when titles are available from your local library anyway, so there’s really no need to limit yourself to the collection in your city. This could get expensive and is a good argument for ebook distribution.
  • My teleread post asking for recommendations on well-designed ebooks. This provoked a discussion, but note that no one actually gave a recommendation (although I recommended about 10–which were not actually ebooks).
  • My presentation on ebook technologies at BarCamp Texas went well, although I stupidly used the term “Library Source International” instead of “Lightning Source International” several times during my talk. The podcast will soon be available, but I couldn’t in good conscience recommend something with a blatant error.
  • I made two short videos over the past week. Had a blast!
  • I made one video with a single friend. It became apparent to me that 2 is not a good number for making short videos. You absolutely need at least 3 people.
  • Been listening to more by Miette. Here’s her great and entertaining story Adventure in the Upper Sea. Also, check her reading of Buzzati’s Falling Girl
  • I have a ton of other things to mention. Bye bye!
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  • bowerbird 9/12/2006, 12:05 am

    > I couldn’t in good conscience
    > recommend something with a blatent error.

    ironic, because the typo in “blatant” is… :+)


    p.s. if you’re still interested in e-book design,
    i’d be happy to share some things with you…

  • miette 9/12/2006, 12:29 am

    Do you think perhaps sufficient exercise could have been had in the form of manual inflation of the exercise ball (and a copy of the Tartar Steppe purchased for the costs saved)?

  • rjnagle 9/12/2006, 5:08 am

    Miette: Buzzati books are expensive on this side of the pond. I tried inflating it with this wretched hand pump, but I couldn’t get it up.

    Bowerbird: I am interested indeed!

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