Arts Events & Entertainment Calendars in Houston, Texas

Heck, why is it so hard to locate art events in Houston?

The Best

  • Eventful’s Houston page seems to want to be “more meta” than the other event aggregators. Apparently, some of their events are being syndicated onto, which might mean is no longer a big deal. Check Books/Literature and Performing Arts (not to mention several other categories). What I like best: the ability to display up to 50 events per page, and the ability to show events within a 7 day or 30 day period. Terrific!
  • has a good interface and backing by yahoo, but it seems buggy and not as easy to use.  Also, it has an RSS feed. However, since now lets you submit your eventful event to upcoming as well, I suspect most people will start migrating to eventful.
  • has an incredible listing of Houston events. They have categories for Readings, Theater,Seminars, Lectures, Repertory Film . Excellent things: nonprofit groups can submit their events for free! Also, you can download the ical event to Outlook. Not-so-excellent: no RSS feeds, and too many categories to browse through. This calendar was probably cool when it came out, but newer websites are cooler; also, the web server sometimes can be slow. Still, I’ve generally discovered some great things on spacetaker I haven’t find anywhere else.
  • Artshound is a similar concept to Spacetaker, and in many ways superior, but it is less Houston-specific but a generic event site with subsections devoted to individual cities. Also, artshound seems to focus a little bit too much on Big Arts groups (in contrast to Spacetaker). Check out categories for Poetry/Literature, Performing Arts, Visual Arts , International/Cultural Events, Kids & Families. Also, look for their listing of free events.
  • has a Houston event listing which you can browse by category. Still looks buggy, but it lets you do RSS feeds by categories and keywords. Also, it lets you view available for the weekend (not just a single day). Not great now, but has potential.

Weblogs & RSS Feeds

  • the Handstamp weblog (maintained by two Chronicle writers about the Houston music scene) follows upcoming concerts pretty well. RSS feed and now a podcast apparently.
  • Done Waiting’s Houston Calling has always provided reliable (and exhaustive) coverage of bands local and touring. RSS feed.
  • Houstonist has a section devoted to Arts & Events with a pretty good culling of arts (mostly music events). The Houstonist has a general RSS feed, but not one specific to the events category.

Venue-Specific Calendars

Other Calendars

  • KPFT Events Calendar (mediocre interface, but good listing of classes/workshops/civic kind of events). KUHF Arts Calendar (mostly repeats of events published elsewhere, but some UH-specific events).







2 responses to “Arts Events & Entertainment Calendars in Houston, Texas”

  1. aurora Avatar

    FYI – Regarding the Aurora Picture Show website, there is a “next” button on each calendar page that takes you to the next month of listings…..

  2. wizkid Avatar

    Check out for tons of performing arts news feeds for HOUSTON. In their Syndicate section as well as all their forum topics. 6 Years strong.

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