Do Partisans Prevaricate with Leading Questions?

Is the asking of questions in media outlets a kind of political slander? One commenter thinks so:

Anyone notice that the “it’s just a question tactic” is the foundation of Fox News? They can spew out any slander, lie, or outrage by just putting it at the bottom of their screen with a ? Question mark after it. It is slander. Fox and the Bush Crime family know that all you have to do is put the idea in people’s heads through suggestion–over and over again. A question draws in the viewer/listener and yet can hide through saying” I or We did not accuse…we JUST ASKED.” Ya think the MSM and people are starting to see through this little ploy? Have we had enough of Repulsive Repugs shouting fire in a crowed theater when there is never any fire? ….i.e. shouting ” Is the theater on fire?!!!! ” Same result….people still stamped out of the theater. It’s the question form/suggestion that gets the traction for them because it SEEMS to preserve their propriety…..And the NEOCONS KNOW THIS AND USE IT. Had enough?






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