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Just had a great idea. Use delicious to organize jobsearch links. ( For the record, I’ll be looking for workafter Jan 1). Tag something with Houstonjobs and other key words (“applied,” “recruiter,” etc).

I had an unusually hard time in 2001-2 finding work even though I thought my skills and job search skills were excellent. Now my skills are even better, web tools are better than they used to, and I have more contacts in Houston than I used to.

For the record, I worked at Dell and Texas Instruments, leaving TI in February. I enjoyed both jobs, but left TI to work on creative projects and spend the time on personal development. It’s been a great and productive year for me. I’ve learned a lot about writing, technology and even myself. Ideally I’d like a job more as a consultant or contractor and one where I can have more control over my schedule. With my creative projects, trying to cram these things into weekends can get maddening and stressful.

I categorize myself as a trainer/writer/courseware developer, but I’ve been dabbling in multimedia development over the last year. Over the next two or three months I’ll be making an online portfolio and giving things a slight facelift. Obviously, if you have positions to recommend, feel free to contact me. Idiotprogrammer at I’m more interested in short term/contract work than fulltime work, but I won’t reject anything out of hand.
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