Exciting Things about Ebooks & Mobipocket

Very fast posts.

I tried out Mobipocket Creator 4.1 Publisher Edition. Previously this version cost $150, but now it’s available for free. This tool is really sweet. Might post something more thorough later. The written agreement isn’t so bad; 50% (+10% if customers buy it through your personal website). At this point I’m nearly ready to declare Mobi the winner of the format wars (at least from the Content Creation standpoint).

I got to hold a Sony Reader yesterday and test it out thoroughly. Observations:

  1. It’s extremely lightweight!
  2. Clumsy to maneuver through. Too many buttons of indeterminate function.
  3. I really did not like the refresh rate.
  4. The bookstore display for Sony was really lame. Really, Sony can afford better marketing material than that!
  5. They really should have put on at least one free comic book on the display!

Someone on mobileread made an iso image of the Sony Connect software available on their forums. Unfortunately I can’t install it; I can’t find a blank CD!

I may have more nuanced opinions later, but I think both the Mobipocket Desktop and Creator are finally ready for prime time (They weren’t ready as recently as 3 months ago). They dominate the PDA/blackberry market, but Jinke doesn’t seem to support Mobipocket at all.

In other news, the Dotreader release is upon us. Less than a day.






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