Forget About the Boy! Youtube Favorites

Sutton Foster performs an incredible number at the Tony Awards from her award performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie. This song like the other one below have a certain anachronistic charm to it; the 1920s were a remarkable decade!

Megan sings a cover song, Say it’s Possible. What an incredible voice! And she sings this song in her garage.

Peggy Lee sings a tune with clarinetist Benny Goodman, Why don’t you do it right? I am crazy about this song!

More Sutton Foster performing the song “Show Off” from the musical Drowsy Chaperone. at the 2006 Tony’s Ain’t she entertaining? (The first 45 seconds are just part of the introduction).

This was the real find of the evening. Dean Martin teaming up with the Andrew Sisters!

Stunning Busby Berkleley music video with Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda. Perhaps too long for the casual viewer/listener, but still fun and amazing.

infectious teen song by Alizee. I like the “smallness” of this concert footage. If it were an American singer, the stage would be gigantic, and there would be all these shots of crazed fans. I’ve seen her sing this song on other videos; she must be so sick of this song by now!

Charming (and silly) love song with a dash of melancholy. Carpenters, I need to be in love. That brother-sister team exchange a glance at the end that is priceless; no, they don’t take life seriously!

Sesame Street, Telephone Rock

The Carpenters perform a medlay of songs with Carol Burnett. These Youtube medlays can become tiresome (I remember turning off a duet of Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald–how could I?) But this one is charming; it shows the Carpenters at the pinnacle of fame; starstruck, joyful, silly.

Egad! Here’s a prior performance where they basically do the same thing! What a wacky performance!

Finally, here’s an artistic music video by an experimental Japanese electronica musician “Dear Mr. Salesman” by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

I never am not a sucker for special effects music vids, but this one is so outrageous and colorful and silly I loved it. Love the colors, the change of perspectives, the humor.



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