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by Robert Nagle on 12/22/2006

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(2013 Update): I don’t know whether I’ll actually read all of it, but the famous Victorian erotica magazine, Pearl is now completely online. Horray! Here’s a poem called, the Novice:

A pretty little novice in her convent woke at dawn,
And looking from her lattice she spied upon the lawn,
A handsome shepherd quite intent
On playing with his instrument, his instrument so long!

She raised the window softly and watched him for a while,
Delighted with his movements, then asked him with a smile:
“Oh shepherd, pray, my wish consent,
And say what is that instrument, that instrument so long?

You play with it so nicely, it gives me joy to see,
So dear, I implore you, to teach the same to me;
Oh, kind young shepherd, pray consent,
I’ll finger well your instrument, your instrument so long!”

He looked up to her lattice with pleasure in his eye,
And cried: “Come down, fair maiden, for there you are too high,
Far, far too high for the extent,
That I can stretch my instrument, my instrument so long.”

She tarried not a moment, but swiftly rushed below,
And with the handsome shepherd she learned her lesson so
That soon she played most excellent
Fantasies on his instrument, his instrument so long!

The first sweet lesson over for her too fast, she then
In winning tones addressed him: “I’d like to play again.
Once more her fingers to work went,
Which made him use his instrument, his instrument so long!

But strangers seemed approaching, the fair girl bid him fly,
And cried: “Oh, don’t forget me, whene’er you travel by,
Oft, oft, come back, and we’ll invent
Fresh tunes for that dear instrument, that instrument so long!”

June 16, 2013.  Looks like the complete issues of the Peal erotica magazine are found at . You can find them here.

Jan 5, 2010  Update. Here is a current link to PDFs (sorry, as of 2013, the domain is down!)  of the Pearl. Quite by accident, this random post has turned out to be the most popular post out of all 2000+ posts on this blog, so I guess I should elaborate a little on it  (Welcome fickle visitors — feel free to surf the rest of my site! ).  I would hardly call myself an expert on written erotica, but here are some other Internet gems in the erotica genre  which are worth looking at:

Obviously, all the links here have explicit language, so they are not safe for work. But except for Erosblog, none of them have hardcore photographs — just text or maybe classic paintings or illustrations.

July 2008: Update. Looks like the original link has been taken down. Here’s a link to’s version.

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