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The Bush/Clinton Tryst?

Brendan Farrington on the friendship between George Bush (the father) and Bill Clinton:

He also talked about his recent closeness to former President Clinton and some of the work they’ve done to help Hurricane Katrina and tsunami victims.

“I apologized to him in Philadelphia the other day. I said, ‘Bill, I take it back. My dog Millie did not know more about foreign policy than you do.’ And he was very understanding,” Bush said before turning serious. “It isn’t about politics, it’s about trying to do something bigger than ourselves, trying to help people who are devastated and need our support.”

He then recalled a political cartoon showing his son the president opposing gay marriage and then walking into a room and finding his father on a sofa with Clinton’s arm around him, prompting him to shout, “Dad! What are you doing?”

“(Clinton) cut it out of the paper and said, ‘Don’t you think we ought to cool it George?”‘ Bush said.

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