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Are you the fatty?

Quick funny stuff.

Joel Stein on why he hates posting his email address on his LA Times articles:

Part of the problem is that no etiquette has yet been established for the hyper-interactive world. And I, born before MySpace and e-mail, don’t feel comfortable getting a letter and not answering it. And then, if I do, suddenly, we’re pen pals, with all those pen pal responsibilities.

And I don’t want a pen pal who already has strong opinions about me. What fun is that? I want a pen pal named Simone who lives in Grenoble and is trying to learn English while I learn French, and teases me with vague promises to come visit over summer break even though she never does.

Forum posters greet a spammer

A comment on a blogpost about America’s health care:

– The obesity rate among adults in the U.S. is 30.6 percent; the highest rate of developed countries. This rate is nearly 21 percent higher than the rate of the second highest country, Mexico.

Wow, almost a third. Take a look at the person sitting at the desk to your left . . . and now your right. If both of them look pretty svelte, chances are that you are the fatty.

We could probably reduce this number significantly if Playstations were only powered by running on a treadmill.

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