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Busy for the next few days: Box in a Box and Mugshots

I’m preparing an unusually big site migration over the next week. I’ve volunteered to host teleread.org (of which I am a contributor) and will be moving several weblogs of my own. Moving teleread is a big deal; lots of plugins and assets. Plus everything is upgrading to 2.06, and one of the plugins has increased the size of the database considerably. Finally, the webfaction hosting service I am using is geared to python/instantiating objects, so it’s a matter of getting used to.

Yes, this week will be painful, but the good kind of pain. I keep meaning to make this weblog into something more than a piece of crap; maybe this migration will give me me the proper kick in the pants to do so.

To keep you busy, try watching Box in a Box and look over these mugshots. My faves: Ring Lardner and Patty Hearst. I found these photos to be fascinating. More shots here and here.

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