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Martin Aspeli on the love-hate relationship people have towards plone:

So following on from that is process. Outsiders always have a tendency to want to add more formalism to Plone’s process, but that kind of misses the point. Some formalism is needed, if it enables people to work on Plone more effectively, for example by avoiding duplication of effort. When it starts restricting them, however, it’s bad. Most people have a day job that gives them plenty of management overheads, and when they go home and want to hack on Plone, they just want to be productive. Surprisingly, this doesn’t actually mean we all pull in different directions. The transparency, friendship and mutual respect that exists in the community means there are incredibly few real disputes, and if they arise, they are normally resolved to mutual satisfaction. We tend to debate until we mostly agree and let pragmatism do the rest. This depends greatly on Plone development being decentralised, which in turn stimulates innovation.

Martin wrote a great guide on creating 3.0 friendly content types. Here’s a video of the same guide.

Interestingly, at the end of his rant, Martin lamented that “Now, if only I’d spent half as much time fixing Plone 3 bugs as writing this, that may have deflected some future criticism from Plone 3. Back to work!” Sometimes getting a rant out of one’s system can be the perfect way to rejuvenate one’s creative energies.

(Martin wrote his dissertation on the plone open source developer’s community PDF ).






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