Acid Queen Story

The Acid Queen Story , a woman’s reminiscences about her high school days–her accomplishments and her fall from grace. Well-written–but not consciously literary–her campaign to run for president bears uncanny similarities with the “Pick Flick” election campaign in the film Election.  Engrossing read, funny and sad and true-to-life.

The author–a New York blogger named La Ketch made a table of contents by the links she put on the right side of the page. Somewhat cumbersome. But you can figure it out.

For a while I wondered whether the story was in fact real or a concoction. After looking over it some more, I decided it was real (who would go to all that trouble?). But that’s an interesting idea. Using blogs as a way to “novelize” famous movies.






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  1. Poonam Avatar

    Hey! I liked this one. This is a great idea for an aspiring novelist…to bgin with a blog..

    Its goodthat I stumbled across your blog today, keep finding such links/sites/blogs. It’s like you do the hard work and I reap the results…:) Hope you don’t mind.

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