Germany’s 2006 Eurovision Entry (surprise!)

Last post contained my thoughts about this year’s Eurovision. But I randomly came across this amazing/great/bizzare video from 2006 Eurovision. Here was the song that Germany entered for the contest to represent the best of German musical culture. Well, Eurovision isn’t exactly high culture, but you know what I mean.

I am not revealing here why I think this song is noteworthy. (It should be obvious when you click on the YouTube link). The song didn’t come close to winning (and there’s a mini-scandal about that), but it’s a good example of how Europe is getting to be more of a melting pot than the US is. (Imagine the situation were reversed and in American Idol one of the singers sang a comparable song, just imagine what would happen!).

I also loved this song a lot. (Here’s a wikipedia page about the group).







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