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SLURL’s, etc

Call me extremely backward, but nobody told me that they now have URL’s to teleport players to specific Second Life locations. That is extremely useful for people without the time to immerse themselves in gameplay.

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ll be giving a video presentation on ebooks in a while. Not only is the announcement now posted, but I see an announcement for another interesting presentation on Second Life and Education. To prepare for that talk I’m going to mess around in Second Life for a little while. This upcoming talk is being given by Chris Duke, a doctoral candidate interested in gaming. From his delicious feed I see he has listed lots of SLURL’s specifically related to education. I can’t wait to look at them1

If anyone wants to interact with me, my username is Tralfaz Sempati. I’m still a SL newbie. Here’s a fascinating podcast with Justin Hall and Joi Ito about gamespaces as it relates to team-building and developing online histories. They talk about SL as well as World of Worldcraft, a game which until I heard that talk, knew little about.

Here’s a tool for running virtual PC’s/server from your flash media drive (Here’s a list of Live CD’s you can run using this virtualization software). On a slightly related note, here’s a link to the OLPC iso file to run as a Live CD .

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