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Cool Podcast & Levelator

Here’s some cool podcasts I’ve discovered recently:

Also, following the podcast list, I’ve learned about the Levelator , a free noise leveler tool. Great, nondestructive software tool. See also Stephen Eley’s review of the Levelator. (When I heard an interview with the person who wrote the Levelator program Bruce Sharpe , I was surprised to hear lots of level jumps up and down during the actual podcast. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve tried the levelator a little bit for one person studio recording and found no bad artefacts whatsoever.

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  • Tom Johnson 6/23/2007, 6:40 pm

    Thanks for the mention of my podcast, and for some of the others you listed here.

  • Lee 8/15/2007, 2:18 am

    Thanks for listing the Mortal Ghost podcasts. However, I’m not reading them myself. That’s being done by a young British theatre student, who has a much better voice!

  • Robert Nagle 8/15/2007, 5:06 am

    Actually, I just hired an actress to read one of my own literary works. Wow,having a professional acting background makes an enormous difference!

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