Cool Podcast & Levelator

Here’s some cool podcasts I’ve discovered recently:

Also, following the podcast list, I’ve learned about the Levelator , a free noise leveler tool. Great, nondestructive software tool. See also Stephen Eley’s review of the Levelator. (When I heard an interview with the person who wrote the Levelator program Bruce Sharpe , I was surprised to hear lots of level jumps up and down during the actual podcast. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve tried the levelator a little bit for one person studio recording and found no bad artefacts whatsoever.






3 responses to “Cool Podcast & Levelator”

  1. Tom Johnson Avatar

    Thanks for the mention of my podcast, and for some of the others you listed here.

  2. Lee Avatar

    Thanks for listing the Mortal Ghost podcasts. However, I’m not reading them myself. That’s being done by a young British theatre student, who has a much better voice!

  3. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Actually, I just hired an actress to read one of my own literary works. Wow,having a professional acting background makes an enormous difference!

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