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How long, youtube?

One question: How long does youtube need to figure out how to implement ad sharing for user-created content?

I always enjoy hearing multibillion high tech companies complain about how hard it is to come up with a compensation scheme for content creators. As George W. Bush says, it’s hard work. It’s not as if google has any experience running an advertising network. And in the meantime–gosh darn it!–google will just have to put up with the unfortunate burden of maintaining the world’s largest video portal.

I don’t remember their names offhand, but from my sxsw conference talks, I remember there were numerous video sites (such as revver  or metacafe) doing ad sharing schemes. And on the music side, jamendo has been doing the same thing. Google, in the meantime, –let us pity them–is too busy to find time to come up with a compensation scheme for content creators. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that eventually google will manage to catch up with all that hard work they’ve been doing.

(Some might allege that google’s delays have less to do with simple greed and more to do with handling copyright litigation. I remain skeptical. They’ve already figured out a law to put ads on Fox/Universal/Time-Warner content. Surely, they can do the same with Lonelygirl15).

BTW, at SXSW I saw a demo of an inoffensive way to handle advertising on youtube. All you need to do is put the ad at the closing credits. So when the video is over–the advertisement will remain on the page. so simple!

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