Not linking to something funny

I am torn. Two weeks ago I found a hilarious movie review of a hilarious film (which I have not actually seen). i would love to link to it, but it is definitely NOT SAFE for work (and probably not safe for nonwork either!). (to be more clear: there is profanity, sexual language and wacky photographs with nudity and strong hints of sex). Future employers and spouses hopefully will not notice this blogpost –it will result in significant lowering of their estimation of me. Why the heck would I even stumble on this page?

I’m not going to link to this page, and I’m not even going to tell you the name of the film or who reviewed it. Instead I’m going to give you some search words to look for in google: You can do the rest (turn off your Net Nanny, content filters and Google Safe Search)

Update: I’ll leave this link up for about a week. And then I will kill or bury it.






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