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Just so this doesn’t catch regular readers offguard, but I plan to introduce a modest amount of advertising on this site. Believe me, it’s going to be as unobtrusive as it’s going to get. I actually am working to monetize teleread and to start one or two other websites with the explicit purpose of attracting advertisements. (By the way, if anyone has any hints or suggestions, let me know).

A few things are clear from my preliminary investigations:

  1. You need to have full and accurate web traffic data and know how to interpret them.
  2. A lot of your ability to monetize your site depends on web design and your ability to leave open areas which won’t intrude on the overall user experience.
  3. I read somewhere that search traffic often goes to individual posts while repeat visitors go to the main URL (if not RSS). If you advertise on individual posts, you are less likely to irritate regular visitors; if you advertise on the main page, you might.
  4. You need to create better ways to navigate to older posts. The typical weblog link column just doesn’t cut it; you need to create new paths for readers to go exploring to older pages.

See also Matt Haughey’s How ads really work, Stromcode’s Making Money off the Internet and John Chow’s Other Advertising Methods on the Internet Besides Google Adsense, Diabetes Blog makes $40,000 (tips on monetizing wordpress) . See also 10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers. See also Shoemoney for general monetizing tips. Also, a successful blogger has been raving to me about Project Wonderful, an ad auctioning service. See also wordpress-specific SEO advice. The problem though with focusing too much on SEO is that market forces and updated search algorithms can ruin any attempt you make to optimize your site. So, yes, generally, you should improve navigation and make it easy to know what a post is about; but you should be focusing more on content.

Important Note: I’ll keep idiotprogrammer weblog as uncommercial as I can. However, I will occasionally try out some things on this weblog just to see how it works out. My main focus for monetizing will not be idiotprogrammer but several other sites. This weblog will be my sandbox, so to speak.

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