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Feministing, a  new comic feminist blog. Not normally my kind of thing,  but fun posts. Safe for work, but sometimes frank discussions.

Links to interesting vids from that blog.  See Wanda Sykes has a novel solution to gender problems. (Mature content for this youtube video). They didn’t like a humorous  Trojan condom commercial but were outraged that the major networks didn’t accept it on late night TV. Vanessa Valenti comments:

Funny thing is that while even the New York Times piece on this contends that TV networks restrict ads with a somewhat sexual nature like Viagra for late night and early mornings, every year the Superbowl manages to stick in a Cialis, Levitra or Viagra commercial or two in there; in fact, both Levitra and Cialis ads were featured in Superbowl XXXVIII which was – what do you know – aired on CBS.

Or what about this year’s Superbowl (also aired on CBS) and their ad of a large-breasted woman having beer poured all over her tight white tank top by a room full of men while they rate her with score cards? Or Fox airing another gross GoDaddy ad for Superbowl XXIX?

I like Ansell Healthcare’s (who make Lifestyles condoms) VP of Marketing Carol Carrozza’s comment on this ridiculousness, which really says it all: “We always find it funny that you can use sex to sell jewelry and cars, but you can’t use sex to sell condoms.”







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