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Random Comments about Michael Moore’s Sicko

Highlights from the New York Times post about Michael Moore’s film being leaked to bit torrent sites:

What does looking like Jabba the Hutt have to do with the issue of “pirating” or the content of the movie? What does having a extreme left political agenda have with the issue of mediocre health care in the US versus Cuba?

Movie makers for years have been oddly shaped, weird looking and had a political agenda. They still made movies that delivered a message people should at least give some thought too.

What Americans should be wary off is politicians with their good looks and hidden agendas who claim to be compassionate conservatives and stick their proverbial forks into our backsides as they lift our wallets.

The only mystery to me is why Michael Moore’s movies have to be seen in theaters at all. It’s not as if they’re masterpieces of the cinematographer’s art. The question we should be asking is “Why aren’t we seeing documentaries about gun control / junk food / the healthcare business / corporate corruption on TV?” Methinks the question answers itself.

— Posted by Valentino

Every time I see a picture of Michael Moore I am reminded that the US has a major obesity problem. People who are big fans of a single payer health care system should realize that Canada taxes junk food, snacks, fast food and regular restaurant meals. The federal tax is 6% and the provincial tax in Ontario is 8% (although Ontario exempts prepared foods under $4). Increasing the taxes on such food in the US would certainly be a step in raising the dollars needed to fund a single payer system and might even discourage some bad eating habits, thus lowering the demand for heart bypass operations etc. Canadian federal and provincial cigarette taxes are also much higher than in most if not all US states. There is another potential funding source. A single payer health care system is not free. Someone has to pay for it. If you buy a wide screen TV or just about any other type of manufactured good in Ontario, the 6% + 8% taxes also apply. There is also a Federal tax on many services (6%). If Michael Moore makes it to age 65, I suspect he will be a big consumer of Medicare services. I hope his income tax payments cover his Medicare expenses. I would certainly not be excited about subsidizing his bad eating habits.

— Posted by Rocky

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