Scribble King Movie Comic Strip

by Robert Nagle on 6/18/2007

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Here’s a fun movie/comic strip blog by Patrick Rijnders: (warning: long and fun page to download)
Scribbling King comic Strip Batman and Robin
Scribble King Movie Comic Strip

Scribbling King follows movies from a fun pop culture perspective, commenting on (for example) the endless amount of sequelitis, gilmore Girls, Rollercoaster (one of my fave movies), too many trailers, gaming, War of the Worlds , online petitions , remakes and lots of other stuff.

The site is a bit scattered, and I can’t figure out the RSS feeds, and I’m guessing it will be reorganized at some later point, but there’s a lot of stuff there. Interviews , Movie Reviews and Celebrity News. I was delighted for example to learn that Buck Henry and Mel Brooks are collaborating on a Get Smart sequel with A-listers Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell. The choice of Anne Hathaway for Agent 99 is inspired (btw, I’m a fan of Barbara Feldon and have to wonder whether the Sacred Cows will make a cameo appearance).

Update: I didn’t realize it initially, but the highest directory is the best check to site updates. (His site organization is confusing).

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