Things I Hate

In this age of tolerance and political correctness, it is unfashionable to say you hate anything. But hate is a common emotion. It’s a gut reaction to events.  Don’t pretend that hate is something foreign.  On the other hand, you shouldn’t keep hate inside your heart; release it. Hate doesn’t last, but friendship and respect last  a long time.

Intros aside, it is easy (and painless) to hate celebrities and corporations. Sometimes  they even deserve your contempt.

Two people tagged me with the 8 Things about Me meme. Instead of participating, I’m going to make a list of  Things I hate:

  1. Citibank. They treated me shabbily and misrepresented themselves several times over a credit card dispute. Then they refused to answer my requests in writing, directing me to their 1-800 lines. But telephone lines are an easy way for corporations to duck out of obligations. (In credit card disputes, he who keeps the better records always wins).
  2. AT&T. They denied me Internet access because of a theft of identity issue. Then they insisted I pay the amount owed by the criminal before they would turn the Internet on (they promised to refund the money in full after the investigation was complete). After I did, it took them 6 months for AT&T to get that refund to me). By implication, this means I must reject the iPhone as well.
  3. People who voted for George W. Bush twice. Many thoughtful people voted for Bush once; everyone makes mistakes. But to vote for George W. Bush twice in the face of human rights violations and constitutional crises just seemed irrational. Perhaps what I feel is not hate but simply pity.
  4. Roaches. My apartment is overrun by them.
  5. Ann Coulter. Do I have to explain?
  6. Adam Sandler. This is irrational, but he really irks me. He was funny in one skit, but I never laugh at anything he has done. (My mom hates Bob Hope for a similar reason, something I never understood).
  7. TV shows with vomitting scenes. (I am going to rant about this in a later post).
  8. TV Commercials in public places. Restaurants, shopping malls and airports should never be allowed to pipe in TV or radio commercials on its premises. Silence is golden. Generally, I find commercials abhorrent.
  9. Mainstream media companies. They’re generally bad about copyright infringement, rewarding artists and promoting everything to death. This week, by the way, is when all the world is swamped with Harry Potter propaganda.
  10. Songs that automatically start playing when you surf to a site (Myspace).
  11. Tagging activities like this–they are such time-wasters!
  12. Email attachments. Since when it is appropriate to forward an 8MB video as an attachment to 100 people?






2 responses to “Things I Hate”

  1. Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu Avatar

    Have you tried boric acid (borax) for the roaches?

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    boric acid definitely did the job. But they really irritated my sinuses and lungs. And gave me headaches for the following week. I’m at the point though where I probably would give it another shot.

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