Fedora 7 install…no problem ! (so far)

Well, I had been worrying unnecessarily about installing fedora 7 on my laptop. Sure, it was a pain downloading the DVD and backing up data, but this time it didn’t present me with a lot of choices and installed things fairly quietly. Also, the dual boot situation wasn’t messed up at all.
Right now, it’s upgrading the packages with pup. I have yet to try wifi. I expect that to be a pain, but certainly easier than it was before. I also have to install proprietary applications (and the forbidden items ), but things are going quickly now. My main fear is that some of my configuration files in my home directories will confuse my installations. Apparently, ntfs write is substantially more reliable than it used to be, so I might be in fedora more often than I used to. Frankly, I stay in windows only for two reasons:

  1. recording in Audacity–I have a usb adapter that doesn’t seem to work in linux.
  2. demoing ebook software.

My main disappointment with linux solutions is that I couldn’t get my nokia pda to sync with my linux calendar. That was a reason I ended up buying a Dell Axim PocketPC pda.

Update: Wifi worked out of the box (in Gnome anyway). There are advantages to keeping your /home directory. Now if only I can figure out the absolutely bizarre way to download mp3 libraries (and perhaps other codecs). (Here’s a solution for downloading all those closed codecs). Here’s the fedora 7 tips page. Here’s another tips page. You gotta hand it to Fedora though.  They’re losing the mindshare war to ubuntu because of these damn libraries and codecs, and they won’t compromise!

Speaking of totally bizzare, here’s instructions on how to run IE on linux fedora.  I won’t be trying that anytime soon.






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