Sony Reader discounts

After July 4 short-lived promotion of Sony Reader for $99, now Sony is offering Sony reader for $49 if you sign up for their credit card. This tells me several things:

  1. Sony is getting ready to offer their second generation device in weeks (maybe even next week!)
  2. suddenly ebook devices have become really affordable. That means everybody will be buying one!
  3. This will exert downward price pressure on future reading devices.

While looking through the Sony Connect inventory, I was disappointed; most of the ebooks just don’t seem that interesting from a format/layout point of view. No reference guides or graphic-intense guides. this underscores my guess that the most attractive ebooks will be the ones self-published by DIY authors like myself. On the other hand, when .epub file becomes standard, I predict it will be a lot easier to find and buy richly designed ebooks.

Here’s a techie’s blog about using the Sony Reader. Great stuff, including before-and-after pictures of using the RasterFarian utility (that improves contrast and font).

Update: According to teleread, there are some strings attached, nothing out of the ordinary. A detailed dissection of the deal here. A long-winded discussion is here.

Warning: only available to people living inside the U.S.






2 responses to “Sony Reader discounts”

  1. amcorrea Avatar

    Thank you so much for posting this! I *knew* it paid to wait awhile.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    note: only eligible to people inside the US.

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